For ME ‘Love’ Is ‘YOU’

Albert Einstein once said: Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better which is sacred, green, peace and honest with all that surrounds….umpteen numbers of characters flowing in the same air which at times is gentle and every so often gratifying. When free go out in that misty morning or on a breathtaking evening…watch the colour of sky and you will feel the clarity, brevity to stand sound, to live apart, to be home to someone, to be clear at heart, to be companion and ready to lend a hand in the deprived space and to be freedom of others…Nature and things around say many things, teach many things answers all the questions putting life in every bit of time, serving others and making them recognize the variety and the spice in life it offers.
We human beings have travelled so far but we are still surrounded by a type of nature, by the conscience we have been gifted, One need to walk a distance to achieve something, to walk a small path to find the address and to walk through life to find oneself, to find the very essence of life… liberty doesn’t liberate a person but faith does, The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. All of us do that to be safe and to be satisfied it’s in Human nature always runs after satisfaction, pride, material things and never stops till the time it achieves temperament.
Long time back I read somwhere that if ” you loose on health and wealth you loose on something but if loose your natural character than everything is lost (its suicidal). Many of them say that god is the whole thing which decides our destiny…Some may agree, but what should be believed is in the ‘you’ substance of yourself…our actions, reactions, conscience our life and everything we have is designed by the desires engraved in our hearts, the smiles on our cheeks and the dedication in our work.  
We never waste time it’s that we don’t utilize it. Living a life that matters is everyone’s dream but building many lives that matter is what we need today. Travelling in your own life will make you feel the originality you posses one day and its different hemispheres’ gives what is desired -for the soul -for the self being – and most importantly for the veracity which is created by our intention by our imagination. It’s time to unwind your doubts to travel a distance to find out what can’t be seen through eyes and heard from the ears, it’s time to buckle up, to sit straight, to gather all of the aims you have…to come out from the comfort zone and to strive smart and hard in the reality.
We are accused to our own threshold, we need to shatter it, we are confined to our own pleasure, erase it…And find the genuine you in the true nature. We need to beam our own hearts to spread the radiance, join hands to feel the unity and feel the much needed individuality to make it happen because  You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.
Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their realism. 
(Edgar Allan Poe)



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The Renegade Rulebook

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we lose touch. We don’t just lose touch with friends, family, and each other; we also lose touch with ourselves. We lose touch with reality. Our jobs, our cars, our personal agendas all take on the roll of the intangible delicacies of life, and we forget that these things will never love us back. We forget what is important in life.

My college dorm mate and I had an interesting two years living together, probably because we were the two most opposite people that could have shared a living space. Not just a living space, but two desks, two dressers, two beds, and all contents belonging to two individuals crammed into what felt like a 4×8 cement cell. Dorm style living is never glamorous, especially when it is forced upon you for two years by your university.

Dorm living sucked.
Can I get an AMEN?


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The Last Glimpse!

The other day, He was standing there – next to the closed window of her magnificent house- It was the season of winter but the coldness in air haven’t had the power to fade the warmth of his breathe and the thirst of his eyes who were dying to see her one last time – hoping this couldn’t be the last- with the never dying trust in his heart he was on his last legs only to get a small glimpse of her. His eyes had grown mature with his body but his mind had been elongated under the weightiness of marijuana which made him numb & hence he had no control on his heart & logics behind his actions. 
Owing to the cold weather: a soggy layer was formed on the facade of that decade old windowpane- making the vision unclear and dense for him to eyewitness the happenings behind the cemented walls.
With aggression brewing up with each of those inching droplets of water that fell on him – his level of aggravation & enragement was about to burst. Suddenly he hears a voice incredibly melodious- It was her voice which brought a broad smile on his face, freezing his heart & soothing his mind.  Abruptly he realizes that a person was coming towards the windowpane (blurred vision) – he was amongst one of her servants- and was wiping the glass doors – and within a lull it was all graspable & unambiguous.
As soon as his sight set out through that translucent glass, he couldn’t believe his eyes, there she was standing before his wide dark brown eyes wearing the long white gown & sporting a nose-ring, tall & slim she looked like the perfect bride. The radiance of her face damaged his eyes – GOD! He said.
 Her curly hairs could make the angels jealous- she was a divine beauty, a form of art god tried his hands on- no more than once. The scent, she was wearing on her skin was holy & spiritual. She had a class of her own & the beauty of her was beyond the imagination of any man- it was sacred, He could leave his whole life underneath the shadow of her soul & stare of her eyes- This time he was not a slave of her beauty but was the admirer of god’s grace on him, the moment he defines was magical & could not be explained through words, his poignant thoughts made the heart heavy & her charisma made it lighter. It was something more than love- marvelous & prosperous- a moment he wanted to keep safe within the beats of his heart, within the darkness of his eyes’ illumination.
The depth of his joy may perhaps make the lords jealous.
He said: It was for real, something which he could keep attached to his heart all his life – A feeling with which he could live his whole life in bliss.
It was the love which had no logic, no meanings, no boundaries, no expectations – It was craziness in a good sense.

The Voice of his own

The Voice of his own 
It was the darkest shade of white- The midnight!
He found himself in the illusions of his imaginings- Gulping the miniature bottles of rum one after another in fear & disquiet – 103 he said the count was this week. Blowing the pack of cigarettes one after the another- He lit up one & ash rayed the other   Severe drinking and smoking had sucked his blood & done quite a damage to his body – his musings has dampened his soul to the nethermost level. He lacked thoughts of his own & was wracked in to the illusions which for long had kept him from doing nothing.
He was a fellow who sucked the air to live and drank the rum to believe he was not dead yet. That day his delusion of life came into being- when he tossed that dearie Rum bottle into that bin – but his aim couldn’t save it from a clear-fell – and within seconds it was destructed into minute pieces of glass like his life with no meaning- That day for the first time in his life he feared himself-  He could see in those glass pieces of that fumed bottle.  It has been long he gawked himself-It was horrifying, he was taken aback from that small sight- He throws that piece away – It was disgusting how he looked. He ran to the bathroom feeling the jammed bones & flesh of his body, poured some water on his face- but it was too late His eyes grasped his impressions  in that mirror hanging next to the sink– He sat down staring at it- as if he saw himself after decades of darkness.  He was far away from the truth of his voice- his breathe- which by now was getting heftier and denser relentlessly – in anguish he touched his skin, his hair, they were grown long, the skin on his face lacked blood and had hairs forming a dense beard- It took him by surprise- He was 25 years old the last time he looked at himself. The agony could be felt – It was all smoke and alcohol around with empty bottles & half burnt buds of cigarettes made the sight very grubby. The bones in his body were jammed & flesh lacked the red blood.
The room had no fresh air left in it, The light like his mind which felt heavier now- He was unable to look at it. No  balance in thoughts & the silence he was living in was haunted now, by realism – He was shocked to see himself like that and starts looking for the bottle to fine tune his senses- to go back to the dead sense he was in.
To be continued…
Hitesh Jain

From the first red rose to the last Phone call.

He was there adoring her smile & conversations. Partaking long rides, small walks, dinners at auntie’s place to each and every goodbye, he cherished those moments. It was charming the relation they shared- from the unending talks to combined studies, they tried spending more and more time together- Every hug was indisputable, every touch was pensive – every tear was heart breaking & every smile was a treasure. Be it mountaineering or reading thoughts of each other, they were unpretentious & honest. Going back to that time he thinks that they lacked little bit of maturity & had more of an obsession – but how can you measure the differences between the two- Like-ability & care it was which stood tall above the boundaries of a formal relation. True friendship it was with the flavor of little curiosity, genuine love, desires of adolescence, belongings and charming care. It was the time when a hug was more than enough to tackle the affection and relieve the bothering heart. It was the time to be cherished.  The last hold is still fresh; the last moment is still so pleasing.

Life is not like a romantic story or a romantic song which has a lovely ending. But it’s more like the beautiful melody which emerges out of the presence and vanishes as we isolate, as we say good-bye and miss that existence.


He closes his eyes while he writes this & asks himself about the unanswered questions trapping his mind. He had no intent behind doing things he did, as he still don’t know the reason why the friction still exists- a few misunderstandings, a little mistaken words had twisted the gloomy shade which disconnected them. Why he asks? Without being judgmental he says ‘why she didn’t take a little step to make him realize the agony & distress she was going through. The separation never occurred because of fights or distance – because these are the substances of existence. She blamed him for his shortened amount of time. ‘You are so rude and mean’ she said belligerently, with a silver tear flowing down from her vibrant eyes- she was hurt & he could sense that- he tried his best to make sure that she’s alright but was taken aback when he was not welcomed in her time. Communication was the problem even before and after Phones, emails; messages took the death toll- some brewed up with guilty, some with ravaged anger, some with memories & some with new start flowed, but it wasn’t enough to make a hole on the wall her hurt heart brought in between. He never loved anyone like that again, he never shared his thoughts like that anymore with anyone again he was a tough soul as he lived but he knows it took her time to find herself out again. He contemplates he didn’t deserved the hatred she passed on him. ‘It feels sick when someone hates you so bad that they won’t reply to you, it hurts more when it’s the one who was your companion’.

Sealed eyes and deserted heart.
With apology in his heart & tears in his eyes  he feels blameworthy for why things had worsen to this extent & why he couldn’t do much to stop things from ending up the way they did.
He asks her back for her friendship and upkeep as he missed her and their conversations for a hard-pressed time. He thought of telling it all to her long back but couldn’t do it because of his juvenile sense towards life & fellow mates.
He had kept in mind so many belongings which were never deserted. They were just not taken care of for a while. He never meant to break her heart neither he meant to hurt her feelings. Without taking him wrong this time – accept his apologies.


You know H.I.M.  Yes you certainly do.